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Order picking for CCV Shop

Easily connect your CCV Shop webshop using simple steps, you don’t need any heavy technical knowledge for this. After linking your account bij the API Key, Orderpicking will automatically import all orders and product data, including photo and stock.

Process orders for CCV Shop

Process your CCV Shop orders easily with the Order Picking App app. Easily collect the products through stock locations, check the products using a barcode scanner (not required) and then complete the order immediately.

All orders and associated history can always be found in the clear order overview. This way, customer service can easily see the status of an order and/or make adjustments.

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FAQ CCV Shop Orderpicking App

Step 1 Go to https://www.orderpickingapp.com and choose Plans & Pricing (or the green button at the top right). Choose the right plan for the period after the 30 free trail days. We don’t extend the trail automatic . Step 2 Enter all data, choose the desired platform of the webshop (CCV Shop) in the platform dropdown. Step 3 After completing the order you will receive an email with the user details and the link of the my account on Orderpicking App.com to be able to log in immediately.
Step 4 CCV Shop Go in the CCV Shop back office, open “Settings” page in the menu, and then choose “API Settings”. Give the API key an unique name and go the the tab Permissions. Change the permissions like this: Name               Method categories                 GET orders                       GET/POST ordernotes                GET/POST orderrows                 GET products                    GET/POST/PATCH productvariations     GET Go back to the tab Global and copy the API key and API secret. Step 5 MY ACCOUNT
  • Copy the created API key and API Secret paste this in the MY ACCOUNT of the orderpickingapp.com settings page. Then Save
  • Upload a company logo.
  • Also choose here whether you pick per order or per x number of products. Leave your Picking Type empty and the app will show all orders/products to pick.
  Step 6 APP INSTALL Download the Orderpicking App on your phone. Go to the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store and search for Order Picking App
  • Go to the Settings tab in My Account. Here is the API Key (Barcode + numbers).
  • Open the app on the phone and press Scan API key. The phone’s camera opens.
  • Scan the barcode and save it in the App. If all goes well, everything is now connected!

When you are order picking, you are already walking through the warehouse or the store. This is the perfect time to occasionally check the stock of a product. With the Inventory add-on we offer the option to scan the barcode or enter the sku/barcode (searching by product title is also possible for Woocommerce customers). We then retrieve the current stock of a product and this can be adjusted if necessary.

Inventory differences can be resolved during order picking. For example, consider products on a roll that are cut off during collection or to book new stock during a delivery.


Every shop has it’s own way of collecting orders. Some want to pick per order and others have multiple totes on a trolley. This is why we have the setting of the Order amount to pick at once.


When picking a single order you will start with the complete order list of open orders in the app. Here you can choose the order to pick.

Single order picking

Batch picking

When selecting something other than single order we change the layout in the app a bit. If you have the option of 5 orders at once, we combine 5 orders in 1 picking-run. Each order will get a letter starting from A and a number (the batchnumber). These numbers will stick to the order true the whole process.

When batchpicking we will combine the orders so you will only stop at a product once (for multiple orders).

Batch picking orders

Batchpicking productscreen


Sure, no problem. We get that we have to proof our self :-). You can try the Orderpicking App 30 days. Do you like it and is it working for your company, GREAT, then you start paying a little fee. Not that much if you see the benefits it brings to the table!

Processing your orders with our tool is a very computing intensive task and requires some serious GPU power to make it work. When we can provide a free service we gladly do and been doing this for a lot of users worldwide with our other apps but can’t in this case. However, we are sure you will be amazed by the time-saving and minimized number of mistakes. You can try the Orderpicking App 30 days for free.