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The Smart way of OrderPicking
Pick and pack with less mistakes and efficient routes.

Easily process your WooCommerce orders in the Order Picking App online software. Easily collect the products through stock locations, check the products using a barcode scanner or the phone camera (optional) and pick the right products quickly and without errors.

All orders and associated history can always be found in the clear order overview in Woocommerce. This way, customer service can easily see the status of an order.

Use the custom picking route that can be set per product to make the walking route as efficient as possible. The app can be configured completely according to your wishes in the WordPress Order Picking Plugin.

FAQ Woocommerce Orderpicking App

If you want to add your client phone number to your orderview, place this custom code in the function.php of your webshop
add_filter( ‘opa_custom_order_field’, ‘add_opa_custom_order_field’, 10, 2 ); function add_opa_custom_order_field( $value, $order_id ){ $order = wc_get_order($order_id); $value = $order->get_billing_phone(); return $value; }

To obtain an efficient picking route, we have made it possible to arrange the products to be picked according to certain values.

There is an option to arrange the products by:
– Category
– Barcode
– Custom picking location

By default, the picking route is set based on the webshop categories. These can be dragged in order in the plugin > Picking route. In addition, the SKU or Barcode can be set ascending and descending.

For Woocommerce, you have the option to create your own location hierarchy for the products (maximum 3 levels), just as the categories have been created.

When you are order picking, you are already walking through the warehouse or the store. This is the perfect time to occasionally check the stock of a product. With the Inventory add-on we offer the option to scan the barcode or enter the sku/barcode (searching by product title is also possible for Woocommerce customers). We then retrieve the current stock of a product and this can be adjusted if necessary.

Inventory differences can be resolved during order picking. For example, consider products on a roll that are cut off during collection or to book new stock during a delivery.


Every shop has it’s own way of collecting orders. Some want to pick per order and others have multiple totes on a trolley. This is why we have the setting of the Order amount to pick at once.


When picking a single order you will start with the complete order list of open orders in the app. Here you can choose the order to pick.

Single order picking

Batch picking

When selecting something other than single order we change the layout in the app a bit. If you have the option of 5 orders at once, we combine 5 orders in 1 picking-run. Each order will get a letter starting from A and a number (the batchnumber). These numbers will stick to the order true the whole process.

When batchpicking we will combine the orders so you will only stop at a product once (for multiple orders).

Batch picking orders

Batchpicking productscreen


Yes you can, in Woocommerce. We build a column in the orderview of Woocommerce where you can see the picking status and assigned picker to a specific order. When opening an order, it is possible to pre-assign a picker.

If you go to a product you see a box called: Picking route. The same as with the categories, you can add locations (max 3 levels) where the product is located. In the Orderpicking App plugin, tab Picking route, you have the option to drag and drop locations in the right order. In our app we will sort the products according to this.

Order Status: Processing in WooCommerce

The order status “Processing” in WooCommerce indicates that an order has been received and is currently being prepared for fulfillment. This status is crucial for the Orderpicking App, as it serves as a trigger for importing the order details into the app for efficient processing and fulfillment.

When an order is assigned the “Processing” status, it means that the payment has been successfully verified, and the seller has acknowledged the order. This status typically occurs after a customer completes the checkout process and the payment is confirmed.

Once the Orderpicking App imports an order with the “Processing” status, it enables the app to streamline the order fulfillment process. The app retrieves relevant order information, such as product details, quantities, customer details, and shipping information. This allows the fulfillment team to efficiently pick, pack, and ship the items to the customer.

By importing “Processing” orders into the Orderpicking App, you can ensure that your fulfillment operations are synchronized with your WooCommerce store. This integration helps prevent delays and errors by providing real-time access to order information, reducing the likelihood of stockouts or missed deliveries.

Additionally, the Orderpicking App can provide order status updates, enabling you to track the progress of each order as it moves through the fulfillment process. This visibility allows you to keep your customers informed about their order’s progress and provides them with a better overall shopping experience.

In summary, when an order has the status “Processing” in WooCommerce, the Orderpicking App imports it to facilitate efficient order fulfillment. This integration ensures that the right products are picked, packed, and shipped to customers promptly, leading to improved customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Step 1
Go to https://www.orderpickingapp.com and choose Plans & Pricing (or the green button at the top right).

Step 2
Enter all data, choose the desired platform of the webshop (Woocommerce)

Step 3
After completing the order you will receive an email with the user details and the link of the account to be able to log in immediately.

Download the plugin for Woocommerce in the plugin section of the webshop. Search for Orderpicking App and install and activate it. Copy and insert the API Key in your plugin. You can find the key in your My Account at orderpickingapp.com

Upload a company logo. Choose here whether you pick per order or per x number of products. Leave your Picking Type empty and the app will show all orders/products to pick.

Step 6 APP
Download the Orderpick App on your phone. Go to the Appstore or the Google Play store and search for Order Picking App

Everything installed now. Only the connection between the app on the phone and the account is still necessary. Go to the Settings tab in My Account. Here is the API Key (Barcode + numbers). Open the app on the phone and press Scan API key. The phone’s camera opens. Scan the barcode and save it in the App. If all goes well, everything is now connected!

Every webshop has it’s own way of connecting. For Woocommerce we use a custom plugin. Just search for the plugin Orderpicking App and you will find ours. Install, activate it and your almost done in WordPress. Go to our portal, login to your My Account and copy the API key and insert this in de WordPress plugin.