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Bento&co. The Original Bento Lunch Box Shop

For any e-commerce company, the efficiency of the picking and packing process is crucial for successful operations. We had relied on TradeGecko’s PickPack app for years, a straightforward and effective Shopify application compatible with iOS. Sadly the app was discontinued, leaving us with limited options for maintaining our established workflow on iPhones during the picking and packing stages. After research, we were glad to come across the OP App, which was the most similar to the TradeGecko app.

While the OP Picking App is still in its early stages and has experienced some hiccups, the development team has demonstrated exceptional responsiveness in their communication. They have been quick to address bugs and implement features essential to our operational needs. We appreciate the team’s enthusiasm and dedication to resolving issues promptly.

Discovering this app was a relief for our operations, and we eagerly anticipate its continual improvement, particularly with regards to loading speed and UI/UX. The team’s evident passion for improving the app gives us confidence in its future development. We are grateful for this solution and are excited to continue using it in our day-to-day operations.

Bento&co, Japan

K’ook!, the cooking store in the Netherlands

As the team behind K’OOK!, we’ve had the opportunity to put the Orderpicking App through its paces, and we’re genuinely impressed by its impact on our operations. The app’s user-friendly interface stood out immediately, simplifying our transition and integration into our existing systems. This seamless integration has been crucial for real-time inventory management, ensuring that our stock levels are always accurate and up-to-date.

The app’s customizability in creating order picking lists has revolutionized our workflow. We can now align the app with our webshop’s specific layout and product categories, drastically cutting down the time it takes to fulfill orders.

Another feature that has significantly contributed to our efficiency is the barcode scanning capability. It’s a simple yet effective tool that has nearly eliminated picking errors, ensuring our customers receive exactly what they ordered, every time. The comprehensive analytics and detailed reports have also been invaluable, providing us with insights that help us continuously refine our processes.

Lastly, we can’t speak highly enough of the customer support team. Any issue or query we’ve had was addressed promptly and effectively, which has been incredibly reassuring.

K’OOK!, the Netherlands