logo Orderpicking App

Step 1
Go to https://www.orderpickingapp.com and choose Plans & Pricing (or the green button at the top right).

Step 2
Enter all data, choose the desired platform of the webshop (Woocommerce)

Step 3
After completing the order you will receive an email with the user details and the link of the account to be able to log in immediately.

Download the plugin for Woocommerce in the plugin section of the webshop. Search for Orderpicking App and install and activate it. Copy and insert the API Key in your plugin. You can find the key in your My Account at orderpickingapp.com

Upload a company logo. Choose here whether you pick per order or per x number of products. Leave your Picking Type empty and the app will show all orders/products to pick.

Step 6 APP
Download the Orderpick App on your phone. Go to the Appstore or the Google Play store and search for Order Picking App

Everything installed now. Only the connection between the app on the phone and the account is still necessary. Go to the Settings tab in My Account. Here is the API Key (Barcode + numbers). Open the app on the phone and press Scan API key. The phone’s camera opens. Scan the barcode and save it in the App. If all goes well, everything is now connected!