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Ho Ho Ho Ho! The holidays are coming again and with your wish list in hand, we got to work. The latest update of the Order Picking App now includes a number of great new features!

– Interim saving of a picking order

Companies that have to pick large orders encountered the problem that it could not be done in one go. The wish was then expressed to be able to store the order in the meantime. This is in it!

– Scan with a Zebra scanner that works with Android

Scanning barcodes was already possible with the phone’s camera. By popular request, we have now also added the option to scan with a Zebra scanner. This way you can scan the right product even faster!

– Re-picking orders that are ready for packing

It sometimes happens that products are not on the shelves. You can then complete an order and place it in the packing step. We then show in the Out of Stock tab which products are still missing. Once the products are back in stock, it is now possible to return the order to picking with the RE-PICK button.

– Caching of orders

In these times you naturally expect a lot of orders. That is why we have decided to prepare all outstanding orders in our portal. This saves you a lot of time collecting each order when you start order picking. The faster you can process orders now, the more time you save!

– Check all button for large quantities

Do you work for a wholesaler or are the customers big fans of a product? Then they may order multiples of a product. To save time, we have added an extra button on the detail page for picking that allows you to select the total number of products to be picked at once. Need 25 hats? No more clicking on the + 25 times, but once on Check all 25. Yay, work a little faster again!

– Refresh buttons on all screens

With the refresh button on a screen you always see the latest status on the screen. No longer going back to the home screen where the button used to be, but being able to refresh directly from picking or packing.

– Bug fixes and visual update

We have also improved or solved all small things. We are a start-up company that attaches great importance to customer feedback. After all, you are our eyes and ears in the workplace. It has to work better for you than how it used to be.

Have fun with the improvements and if something is missing or you have a great idea how something can be improved, do not hesitate to email us at support@orderpickingapp.nl or reach us via Whatsapp on the site.

Happy holidays and good luck with the webshop!

Artjan & Niels

Founders Order Picking App