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We help you pick orders faster!

Make your life easier by using the Orderpicking App.

You’ll never be inefficient if the Orderpicking App is installed in your store. We (2 Dutch guys) assist you in all aspects of your webshop. From intelligent selecting to order packing, we have you covered.

Connecting the Orderpicking App to your webshop (Woocommerce and Shopify) is simple and quick. Within an hour, you’ll be online with the Orderpicking App, able to pick and pack your orders three times faster and with greater accuracy.

Register a free account to connect your webshop to the Android/iOS app. Install the Woocommerce plugin, Shopify app or Prestashop connection.

Suitable for all types of businesses




Fresh products

Health and Beauty


If you have a webshop running on Woocommerce, Shopify or Prestashop, Orderpicking App will be a big time and error saver when collecting orders

Select your webshop software:

Create a trial account right here to connect to Prestashop

Download the plugin and create an trial account in the Worpress plugin

Download the app and create an trial account in the app