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We help you pick orders faster!

Make your life easier by using the Orderpicking App.

You'll never be inefficient if the Orderpicking App is installed in your store. We assist you in all aspects of your webshop. From intelligent selecting to order packing, we have you covered.

Connecting the Orderpicking App to your webshop (Woocommerce and Shopify) is simple and quick. Within an hour, you'll be online with the Orderpicking App, able to pick and pack your orders three times faster and with greater accuracy.

Orderpick with your smartphone

Use a device that is always in your pocket. Scan the products with your camera to avoid costly errors.

All staff can now help pick orders

With multiple pickers it's possible to pick orders with the whole team. Install the app on every smartphone.

Connected to your webshop in 3 steps

Working with Woocommerce, Shopify or PrestaShop? You can use the Orderpicking App straight away.

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Advanced Orderpicking Features

The Orderpicking App is a powerfull tool in running an efficient and smart webshop. Work 3 times faster and with less mis-picks by using our Orderpicking App.

Why should you try this?

You can try the Orderpicking App 30-days. We believe in our added value. Make the business go smoother!

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3 times faster

No more inefficient routes for orderpicking

No mistakes

Scan a barcode before picking


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December ’23 App update: Get ready for the holiday season

December ’23 App update: Get ready for the holiday season

Ho Ho Ho Ho! The holidays are coming again and with your wish list in hand, we got to work. The latest update of the Order Picking App now includes a number of great new features! – Interim saving of a picking order Companies that have to pick large orders encountered the problem that it […]

Orderpicking App: A Smartphone App That Helps Webshops Pick Orders More Accurately and Faster

Orderpicking App: A Smartphone App That Helps Webshops Pick Orders More Accurately and Faster

Orderpicking is the process of gathering the products that are included in a customer order. It is a critical part of the webshop operation, and it can be a time-consuming and error-prone process. Orderpicking App is a smartphone app that helps webshops pick orders more accurately and faster. The app uses the webshop’s inventory system […]

Accurate and fast order packing

Accurate and fast order packing

Packing a webshop order can be a tedious and time-consuming task, but with the right tools, it doesn’t have to be. One solution that can make the process more efficient and accurate is the use of the Order Picking App. In this article, we will explore the features of an app and why it’s a […]