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Barcode scanning is a technology used to quickly and accurately read the information encoded in a barcode. The process involves using a barcode scanner, which is a small handheld device that emits a beam of light that is reflected off the barcode. The scanner then decodes the information contained in the barcode and sends it to a computer for processing.

Barcode scanning has many benefits for businesses and individuals. One major benefit is increased efficiency. Barcode scanning can greatly speed up the process of scanning and recording inventory, making it much easier for businesses to keep track of their products. It also allows for more accurate tracking of inventory, which can help prevent loss and theft.

In addition to its benefits for inventory management, barcode scanning can also be used in other areas such as retail, logistics, and healthcare. For example, it can be used to scan products at the point of sale, to track packages as they move through the supply chain, and to verify patient identification in hospitals.

The Orderpicking App is an easy-to-use Apple/Android app on your smartphone and tablet. By connection the Orderpicking App via an API key to the portal of Orderpicking App, we can make the connection between the webshop and app.

  • Use the camera of your smartphone or tablet to scan the product to pick. No more confusion, no more costly errors.
  • We give you a hand while packing an order. Is everything picked and ready? Is it shipping or local pick-up? We show it to you!

Overall, barcode scanning is a powerful and versatile technology that can greatly improve the efficiency and accuracy of orderpicking for your webshop.